• The Smith Brothers (CAER Co.) Wholesale Co., Ltd. was established after a merger between a private company and the Smith Brothers (Roseham) company established in 1814 in 1925.

    We provide electrical maintenance and equipment installation services to outstanding manufacturers and suppliers from different parts of the UK.

    With a 50,000-square-foot modern centralized storage and distribution center, more than 3,000 pallet spaces and various types of vehicles with a capacity of 3.5 to 12 tons, we are able to satisfy most of our customers' needs.

    The Energie thermodynamic panel is a Portuguese-owned brand that has obtained global patents and registrations. The purchase of this patented technology led to the birth of thermodynamic solar energy in 1990, precisely the birth of Energie.

    Unlike traditional thermodynamic panels, the Energie solar system not only captures direct solar radiation, but also absorbs heat from the atmosphere, which is present in air, wind, rain, and even snow.

    Energie solar energy system can meet all your needs, it provides you with a complete set of systems for your home and office.